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to place a monthly $10 fixed charge (or up to $120 a year) to customers’ bills, starting in 2019. Even judges michael kors outlet at the commission admit that this policy "would have an excessive Michael Kors impact on [the bills of] low usage customers." These unavoidable fees, will dampen the price signal to conserve and erode the economic case for investing in energy efficiency or rooftop solar.Picker’s proposal contains both contentious elements and cheap Michael Kors handbags is an affront to low income customers. Florio went so far as to call Picker’s plan "rate design for the 1 percent." His Michael Kors handbags outlet statement is hyperbole, but just barely: 90 percent of residential customers will see their Michael Kors from china bill increase. That extra revenue would be used to fund bill savings for the state’s highest energy users, with over half of the benefits flowing to the 2 percent of households using the most energy. This regressive approach punishes low income households. According to a California Energy Commission study, only 8 percent of low michael kors handbags income households are high energy users;
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