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Natural circulation solar panels

Natural circulation system diagram

Solar thermal systems with natural circulation are called this way because they take advantage of heat which rises naturally. This system is a simple and cost-effective solution, ideal for individuals and families.

How do they work?

Let’s find out how these systems work by following the diagram:

(A) The sun rays heat the solar liquid (water + antifreeze) which is found in the pipes inside the thermal collector. The liquid rises naturally to the top of the tank which is positioned horizontally above the panels. (B) Here the liquid transfers its heat to the water inside the tank. The water, which is heated by the sun, then goes into the house’s hydraulic system.

In winter, or during prolonged periods of bad weather, the water which is heated by the sun goes through the boiler before entering the house’s hydraulic system. The water thus enters the boiler already warmed by the sun, reducing consumption of gas or diesel.

In summer, the water heated by the sun enters directly into the home’s hydraulic circuit without any additional heating by the boiler.

The main advantages of these systems::

1. Low cost.

2. Easy to install.

3. Very convenient for summer use or in places that have strong sunlight..