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Solar thermal panels to supplement the heating for swimming pools

Solar panels can also be used to heat both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

This ideal solution enables you to use the hot water produced by thermal collectors to not only make the swimming pool temperature more pleasant, but for the ongoing usage of facilities such as shower, kitchen, laundry, etc. as well.

As far as outdoor pools are concerned solar thermal panels allow a prolonged period of use and a few more degrees in the water. Needless to say, this is always appreciated.

The savings obtained are considerable because the pool’s heating requirements (especially indoor pools) can be significant.

How do these systems work?

The liquid (water and antifreeze) that is heated via the solar panels, is initially sent to the hot water tank’s internal coil. When the desired temperature is reached, it continues its path through an exchanger where, by way of contact, the transfer of heat from the “solar” liquid to the pool water takes place.

The main advantages of these systems:

1. Prolonged usage periods of external swimming pools.

2. Huge savings, considering the enormous heating needs pools require (particularly indoor pools).