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What does the plumber say?

19/04/2010 Antonio Rizzo – Padova

A very nice looking product and easy to install.

26/05/2010 Lorenzo Grassi – Milan

I really appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to use anchoring brackets, making it much faster to install.

01/06/2010 Federico Donati – Ancona

Extremely lightweight and compact.

12/07/2010 Giorgio Bassi – Ferrara

A really innovative product. Congratulations!

27/07/2010 Vincenzo Colombo – Bergamo

The fittings are well designed and quite sturdy.

10/09/2010 Alberto Martinelli – Milano

Hi, I installed Nanosun 2 for the first time a few months ago, and since then I’ve used it all the time because my clients are satisfied, particularly since it allows them to choose the color that best matches their rooftop and because it takes up little space.

30/09/2010 Claudio Ferraro – Novara

Lightweight, easy and can be installed quickly.